27 - 28 June, 2018
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Why Big Data is Vital in Modernising Defence - Insights From Sir Gordon Messenger

Big data is a key word currently in the defence sector. Whether in logistics, warfighting or within the different processes in between, the potential applications and its potential is vast. Ahead of the inaugural Big Data for Defence summit, Defence IQ had the privilege to have five minutes with General...

Embracing the future: Defence industry in the digital age

Airbus Defence and Space is no stranger to digital transformation, having implemented such a programme last September. As the lead sponsor of the upcoming Big Data for Defence conference, the company is ideal to discuss what the digital age means for defence industry. In this exclusive transcript of Defence IQ's...

Big Data for Defence Summit - 2018 Attendee List

With the Big Data for Defence Summit fast approaching, take a look at some of the organisations and job titles you can meet on site, with representatives from the British Army, Bundeswehr, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, NATO Communications and Information Agency, and more!

Redefining the future of defence through AI

Artificial Intelligence offers a vast potential to the defence sector and could possibly re-write the way militaries operate entirely in all domains, from logistics to the operational theatre. Ahead of the Big Data Analytics for Defence summit, Defence IQ had the opportunity to gain expert insight from Ross Tsagalidis, Department...


NSA leaks forces defence sector to confront big data future

It is perhaps no revelation to say that, when compared to the private sector, governments have been largely slow to engage with the big data movement. There is of course an undeniable need for them to come down from the wings and play catch up, and while some public bodies...

The Future is Cloudy - Opportunities & Technological Challenges in Developing the ‘Combat Cloud’

This e-book explains the changing combat doctrines in the US military, prioritising data inflows over purely platforms leading up to the Combat Cloud concept. Also exploring the cyber security vulnerabilities to cloud technology and consequences in military applications and discussing the most recent program developments in US forces and globally...